Cyclone fences and gates

Cyclone style fences. A simple, yet effective way of secure boundary fencing.

Fences mark the boundary between properties, improve the look of the property and provide vital security.

Fencing and gates also raise the value of your property by improving the street appeal. Making them a very worthwhile investment. A relatively low cost property enhancement which many homeowners are undertaking at the moment, during times of housing market slowdown.

Style and function are also important when selecting the right fence. The team at Fencing Solutions Waikato pride themselves on helping you choose the right fencing and gate to complement your property.

The fences can be installed around curves, slopes and changes in ground level. Posts may be concreted into the ground or fastened onto existing concrete or decking.

Suppliers and installers of fences and gates

  • Tennis courts fenced, galvanised finished or powder coated, matching gates
  • Industrial fencing, parks and reserves
  • Schools and Kindergartens