There are a wide range of types and quality of gates to match the fencing or walls of your property. A gate installation is the practical and stylish solution to keeping the children safe, pets safe and unwanted elements out.

Our professional team will supply and install the gate of your choice.

On line gates catalogue

Please contact us to request more information on a gate. Use the code number, a width and a height.  A price can be given with the following details.

Fencing Solutions Waikato can also supply:

  • Commercial gates
  • Sliding gates (which can be hand operated or automated)
  • Key-pad gates
  • Standard residential and pool gate.  1.0m wide  x  1.2m high.  Has an oval shaped top and bottom rail, with 22mm x 12mm oval shaped ballisters.
    CODE:  2212std
  • Standard residential and pool gate. 1.0m wide x 1.2m high. Has a square top and bottom rail, with 20mm x 20mm square ballisters.
    CODE: 2020std
  • Safety fence, 3 horizontal rails welded for added strength. Through top rail, for light security.
    Available option through bottom rail, up to 2 metres wide, and up to 1.8m high. Can be fitted with 180 degree opening adjustable hinges.
    CODE: 2020tt3r
  • 20mm round rod gate with 50 x 50mm horizontal rails, an appealing gate, that suits most applications.  
    CODE: 20rnd4r
  • Secure your property with double gates, big enough to get the trailer or car through.
    Available in 22 12,  20 20,  16 or 20mm round rod,  lockable latches, or remote auto opening, adjustable hinges.
    CODE: 2212dbl3r
  • Heavy duty 25 25 commercial gate. 3 metres, up to 8 metres wide.  1.8m high with spear top ballister, manual or automated, for security conscious, car yards, factories. 
    Can not be lifted off when closed.
    CODE: 2525comsl for sliding gates   CODE: 2525comsw  for swing gates
  • Sturdy double leaf residential or commercial gate, avaliable in 1.2, 1.5 or 1.8m high, ideal for automation, or just as a manual opening gate.
    Code: Manor 2020
  • Double driveway gate with side panel and pedestrian gate, optional post caps. This gate has been fitted with an automated opening device and a gate to house intercom, and remote opening.
    This is a quality timber gate. There are many more timber option gates.
    Code: Albury

Gate Hardware

A full range of self closing hinges, and self latching catches, lockable.

Ask, and we can get it for you.