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We supply and install a variety of fencing options that can solve the problem of what to use and how to get it done. I can give the experience of many projects completed to existing and new clients so they can have the confidence in a job well done. We work with you to understand your requirements from product to design and when a budget has to be met. Free quotes and estimates supplied.


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An upmarket screen fence

Aluminium Residential Fence and Gates

Custom made

Moduline Fencing

Poolside and aolour screen

Automatic Sliding Gates

Residential and Commercial

Cyclone Panel

School, pool and highway


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776 l 16mm round rod slate grey

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    Fencing Hamilton Wide

    It’s in our name – we provide fencing solutions in Waikato as well as in Hamilton, NZ. We have experience installing all types of fences and gates, including residential fencing and commercial fencing.

    We install fences built using a range of materials, including timber, galvanised steel, and aluminium, and we can build your fence in whatever style or design that suits your preferences.

    We install specialist fencing solutions too, including security fencing, pool fencing, temporary fencing, and more, plus our services are available across Waikato and Hamilton, NZ.

    In short, we can develop and install a solution to suit your specific needs. We don’t just install fences, though. We install fences that are fit for purpose.

    For example, when you come to us for a fence, we’ll make sure it is designed and installed to suit the location, particularly in relation to weather conditions over time. We also have experience making sure the fences that we install fit in with other fences in the surrounding area.

    So, if you are looking for fencing contractors in Hamilton or Waikato, get in touch with us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

    Commercial Fences and Gates Hamilton

    Are you looking for a commercial fence in Hamilton? From high-security fences to fences suitable for playgrounds to ornamental fencing that will enhance your outdoor space, we can help. We can also help if you need a fence and gate solution, including if you want an automatic gate option.

    Aluminium Pool Fencing Contractors in Hamilton

    At Fencing Solutions Waikato, we have extensive experience in all fencing products and installation methods. From a timber boundary fence to an aluminium pool fence to a high-security fence, we’ve got the solution you need for your Hamilton property.

    How We Work

    When you come to us at Fencing Solutions Waikato, we will develop a solution that suits your requirements in relation to materials, style, budget, features, and more.

    Plus, we help with the entire process. Here’s what you can expect when you come to us:

    • Fence material and type selection – the type of material used to build your fence is important to the performance of the fence, the maintenance requirements, and its appearance. The type of material selected will also influence the cost of the fence. We’ll give you expert advice and help with material selection.
    • Style of fence – at Fencing Solutions Waikato, we understand that fences have an important function, but we believe they should look fantastic too, enhancing your property. We’ll help you decide on a style that matches your preferences.
    • Advice on dealing with neighbours – dealing with neighbours can be tricky when installing a new fence. Using our experience, we’ll give you advice on the best approach to take.
    • Compliance with local regulations – there are local regulations that apply to new fence installations. We’ll keep you on the right side of those regulations.
    • Deciding where to install the fence – the location of your fence is crucial to its performance and durability, so we’ll take time to get the location right.